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When you shop with us, you help change lives. Pink Ever After was born out of a desire to give, and customers like you have made that possible. We joyfully give to missions organizations around the globe. Check out some of the organizations we love to partner with.

Marked by Heaven

They dream of empty orphanages all across Latin America and beyond of stories of children who were empowered to go further, dream bigger, and become more than their circumstance would have allowed because someone showed up and dared to say otherwise about their destinies. Join them today in the movement to make that dream a reality.

Iris Global

Iris Global is a Christian NGO committed to expressing a living and tangible response to those commandments that Jesus called greatest. It is their conviction that the Spirit of God has asked them to make this love concrete in the world, incarnate in our thoughts, our bodies, our lives and our every action. Iris Global exists to participate in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth in all its aspects, but most especially through their particular calling to serve the very poor: the destitute, the lost, the broken and the forgotten.

Stop for the One

Stop for the One exists to live out the simple Gospel of love through child sponsorship programs. They see the simple power of love in action transform the lives of children every day by providing education, food, care, and love. They believe love looks like something and their desire is to inspire and encourage people to live outside of themselves.

Back to Jerusalem

Back to Jerusalem is the goal of the Chinese church to evangelize the unreached peoples from eastern provinces of China, westwards towards Jerusalem. The vision was birthed among the Chinese in the 1920s, and since that time, the churches of China have strove and even suffered persecution to fulfill what they believe is their integral role in fulfilling the Great Commission. Their organization partners with the church of China to not only evangelize the religiously oppressed areas of Asia, but to also train and send Chinese missionaries into the unreached regions of the globe.

Slave Free Earth

Slave Free Earth was founded with one goal in mind; to join the fight against human trafficking, also known as modern day slavery. Their President, Cathy Henderson, lives in Thailand and works alongside several other like minded people to provide vocational training and support to women who are looking for a way to exit the sex trade.

Global Mission Awareness

They are a family of families, lead by Leif Hetland, passionate about the pursuit and expansion of The Kingdom. Their mission is to bring light to the darkest of places and to touch lives and transform nations with love as a Kingdom Family Movement.

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